Padre Garcia Polytechnic College

The Padre Garcia Polytechnic College shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, and professional instruction and training in the areas of sciences, arts, education, business, engineering, computing, health, governance, criminal justice, social services, and other related courses. It shall also undertake research, extension, administrative and production services, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization. 

The youth, especially the talented marginalized student populace, needs an educational institution that will provide quality education within the Municipality of Padre Garcia.

The Vision of the Padre Garcia Polytechnic College (PGPC) shall be:

PGPC is a premier higher learning institution producing globally competitive and excellent professionals and leaders instrumental to community development and nation-building. 

The Mission of Padre Garcia Polytechnic College (PGPC) shall be:

As a higher learning institution, PGPC is committed to produce globally competent professionals and leaders with industry- based knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them achieve their professional growth and total human development.

Core Values:

P - Professional Development

G - God-centered Community

P – Progressive Community

C - Commitment to Excellence

The Institutionalized Objectives of the PGPC shall be:

Programs to be offered on August 2024: