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Pick and Go Farm

The Pick & Go Farm is a joint project of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) of Padre Garcia, Batangas. The farm features instagrammable Sunflower fields, vegetable areas, mushroom areas, fish ponds and livestock such as pecking ducks, native pigs, chickens and sheeps.

Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market

The Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market is the home of the Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines. 

The place bustles especially on Friday mornings as livestock (mostly cattle, but also carabao, horses, pigs, and goats) are auctioned alongside stalls that sell farm implements.

 The market started catering to animal traders from Pangasinan, Masbate, Marinduque, and the Bicol region in the 1950s. 

Padre Garcia’s livestock market has been in operation for almost 70 years and is now regarded as a major economic contributor, bringing in nearly 12 million pesos per year.

Their livestock auction market transaction is handled through agreed-upon prices between seller and buyer rather than through bidding. 


Weighing of cattles and other livestock is not the most practical method since the sheer volume of daily transactions are overwhelming. 

The locals practice mata-mata (approximation) for faster negotiations. On the other hand, Other buyers and sellers in the auction market may use different trade approaches in selling and buying livestock. 

The Padre Garcia Live Auction Market welcomes livestock agriculture traders from anywhere in the Philippines. 

Bawi Eco Trail sa Padre Garcia, Batangas

Mas kilala ang bayan ng Padre Garcia bilang Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines pero bukod sa dinadayo ito dahil sa merkado ng baka tuwing biyernes ay may mga natatagong atraksyon dine dito. Isa na ang Bawi Eco Trail “The Heart of Ecology in Padre Garcia” sa Barangay Bawi, Padre Garcia. Nagmumula sa isang bukal ang tubig  na syang pinagkukunan ng mga taga rito ng tubig na inumin.

 Idinidevelop din ang lugar na ito bilang paliguan at mga para sa mga nais mag nature tripping o piknik sa lugar na ito. Ang iba naman ay dumadayo rin dine para maglaba. Nagtalaga naman ng nangangalaga sa lugar na ito upang mapanatili ang kalinisan ng lugar at ng tubig


Livestocks & Farm Products

Padre Garcia Halo Halo

It's a traditional Filipino cold layered dessert consisting of shaved ice, sweet beans, coconut strips and fruits drizzled with milk and topped with ice cream. Halo-Halo is a great summertime treat and it literally means 'mix-mix.


Kabakahan Festival is celebrated every December 1st and this is a way of enriching Padre Garcia’s tourism and highlighting the town’s primary source of income, cattle and its trading.


Rodeo Ala Garciano

Rodeo Ala Garciano is a competitive sport that test the skills of fearless cowboys and cowgirls in putting down the bull. This action-packed sport really gives thrill and excitement to every audience. So don's miss watching Rodeo Ala Garciano every 1st of December.


Karakol is a religious dance procession held at the eve of the feast day of the patron saint of a particular town. It is held on every 1st Sunday of October.